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My name is Matias Marrero Lias and my son Matias Marrero Escarabajal, we are located in Tenerife - Canary Island and our affix is CANCHAS MAHAN with number 249/93.

I want to make a brief comment of my career on the dog's world.

I started over 35 years ago with the Presa Canario, my first dog was called HARA, one of my litters were born, BONY and CLAY, who were champions in III Monographic Exhibition of Presa Canario in the Park of Viera y Clavijo in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and CLAY at CANCHAS MAHAN the best example of such exposure.

I has been appointed Judge of this race by Royal Canine Society of Spain.

At present still winning competitions affix our dogs.






With the English Bulldog, started 12 years ago and our first dog was called OCOBO DAISY MAY from England, affix OCOBO-MYSTYLE.

We have worked with various lines of english blood, DIADEM, KELLOE, MERRYVEN, we are currently working with the line BRAMPTON, by thanking Terry and Angela.

The affection that this race shows towards people, his quiet nature and balanced temperament, they constitute a very dear pet and companion.





We are also currently working with the French Bulldog, our first dog is called VALENTINA at MENCEY LOCO, being the dog of the house, we are very grateful to Alfonso and Helena.

The French Bulldog is an excellent and affectionate dog, for those fans to the dogs living in a small apartment.

People often buy dogs for them company, but studies show that can help improve the health and activity level of their masters.






We continue to work for breeding and selection of these races.



































Matías Marrero Escarabajal & Matías Marrero Lías
Tlf Moviles: (+34) 650-00-73-40 - (+34) 630-03-49-26
Islas Canarias,Santa cruz de Tenerife ( La Laguna)
Mail: criadores@canchas-mahan.com